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Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Provence 8 nights the highlights

We arrived in Provence on the 11th September and we leave on the 19th. The weather has been very hot 28-31 degrees every day. We are staying in a Gite which is a self contained cottage on a farm in the middle of an apple orchard and we have all we can eat apples, figs and grapes. There are two French children who live on the farm and we get to play with them when they are home from school. We have a big swimming pool here and it is really pretty. We have seen lots of things- the first couple of days we went to the nearby villages of St Remy de Provence and Eyglere which have very old buildings and cute shops and amazing markets with fruit and veges and ots of other cool stuff. The food is amazing- the tomatoes taste so good and the cheeses and sausages are so yummy. These pics are from the first few days.
                                                       The gite where we are staying
                                       The Alpilles mountains behind olive trees in a vineyard
More Provence pics to come- stay tuned for ancient Roman Aquiducts and Curtis and Ruby the bungee champions! xxCurtis and Ruby.                                                           

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