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Sunday, 22 January 2012

Nature park part 2

After I finished the park, I played with my petshop toys. The cats are climbing in the tree, the horse and the deer are running near the bushes, and there are lots of other ones too. They love to play in the park xxRuby.Posted by Picasa

Thursday, 12 January 2012

Ruby's Nature Park PART 1

  Making the fence

                                                     Keep going....

                                               Nature slippery dip

                                         Plant some flowers and trees

Today I got the idea to make a nature park for my littlest petshop toys to play in. First I got a roll of paper for the base. Then I collected stones, leaves, flowers, grass, bark and fern. A littlest petshop toy looks like an animal with a wobbly head. I used the stones to make the fence, and put flowers and leaves to make trees and bushes. Stay tuned for part 2....... xxxRuby
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Friday, 6 January 2012

Toys Picnic

                                            Toys are having lunch.

                                                  lunch is served!

                                              mmmm picnic food

                                                   sweet treats yum

                                                 Sun baking after lunch
I thought... I imagined... My lady bird, mouse and doll were hungry so I set up a big picnic. I used all of my shop food, a picnic rug and some towels. I thought that my doll Sophie could do some sun baking after lunch. xxRubyG
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