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Friday, 6 January 2012

Toys Picnic

                                            Toys are having lunch.

                                                  lunch is served!

                                              mmmm picnic food

                                                   sweet treats yum

                                                 Sun baking after lunch
I thought... I imagined... My lady bird, mouse and doll were hungry so I set up a big picnic. I used all of my shop food, a picnic rug and some towels. I thought that my doll Sophie could do some sun baking after lunch. xxRubyG
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  1. Hello my name is Chad I am 11 years old, from France.Thanks lot Ruby for your message on my blog and you have very lovely red shoes!!! I just start to learn English at school.Sory for the mistake. I'm very happy to talk to you.

  2. Hello Ruby!!
    thank you for your visit!!
    and happy new year...