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Sunday, 14 October 2012

Paris lights up at night.

Our last few days in Paris were very busy seeing all the sights, museums, galleries and tasting lots of yummy French food. Our final surprise- Paris lights up at night and Parisiennes eat huge fairy floss! Love Ruby and Curtis.
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Sunday, 7 October 2012

Paris-Disneyland and the Eiffel Tower

We are having so much fun on our trip in France and have done so many things the last few weeks we didn't have time to give you a message. We are now in our last week which we are spending in Paris. The first day we went to Disneyland and it was so much fun we got scared on some rides and in the haunted house and we walked through all the different lands like fairytale land and Pirates land and western world. A couple of days ago we went up to the top of the Eiffel Tower it was 324 mtres high and at the top it is frezzing cold and windy- the elevator up was scary too. From the top you get a great view over Paris. We have seen lots of artworks in the Louvre Museum and the Musee Dorsay and we even saw The Mona Lisa! We got to see Vangoghs works and Monet and many others. We climbed to the top of the Arc de Triomphe which had 284 stairs! and the view was amazing!

We've also been on the Metro underground train nearly everyday, we've visited Notre Dame Cathedral, The Palace at Versailles which had lots of gold and was so big and fancy, we went on a cruise along the Seine River and saw Paris from underneath the many famous bridges, we've been on an open air double decker bus which we could hop on and off whenever we liked.
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Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Provence- Arles

While staying here in Provence we have visited the small city called Arles. There is a strong Roman history here and this is where the famous artist Vincent Vangogh did much of his work. We went on a special tracktor train that took us arround the streets that were very hilly and cobbled, Some of the structues were very very old.

The next day we visited The pont du gard an ancient Roman structure for transporting water this was near Avignon and then we also visited Aix- en Provence (pronounced ex - on- Provence) where we did bungee jumping and ate amazing glace (ice creams) and went on an old fashioned merry go round we had so much fun.
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Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Provence 8 nights the highlights

We arrived in Provence on the 11th September and we leave on the 19th. The weather has been very hot 28-31 degrees every day. We are staying in a Gite which is a self contained cottage on a farm in the middle of an apple orchard and we have all we can eat apples, figs and grapes. There are two French children who live on the farm and we get to play with them when they are home from school. We have a big swimming pool here and it is really pretty. We have seen lots of things- the first couple of days we went to the nearby villages of St Remy de Provence and Eyglere which have very old buildings and cute shops and amazing markets with fruit and veges and ots of other cool stuff. The food is amazing- the tomatoes taste so good and the cheeses and sausages are so yummy. These pics are from the first few days.
                                                       The gite where we are staying
                                       The Alpilles mountains behind olive trees in a vineyard
More Provence pics to come- stay tuned for ancient Roman Aquiducts and Curtis and Ruby the bungee champions! xxCurtis and Ruby.                                                           

Friday, 14 September 2012

Next 4 days Giverny and Flavigny sur Ozerain

After we left Paris we drove to Giverny where Claude Monet a famous French artist lived. We went to his house and garden and it was very beautiful. We walked up very old cobbled streets and saw old houses and had a yummy lunch at a bistrot. We stayed in an ancient Mill house on a big property and we got to play table tennis and soccer and tennis. We had a delicious dinner cooked by a French chef. The next two days we stayed in an ancient village called Flavigny sur Ozerain where the film chocolat was made. Ruby and I (Curtis) made films with our cameras and we visited the old Abbey where they make special lollies out of anniseed and other natural ingredients. Made the same way the monks have made them for centuries. The house we stayed in was built in 1600's and was even burnt during the revolution! It had a creepy cellar that we played games in and we pretended to be vampires!.