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Friday, 14 September 2012

Next 4 days Giverny and Flavigny sur Ozerain

After we left Paris we drove to Giverny where Claude Monet a famous French artist lived. We went to his house and garden and it was very beautiful. We walked up very old cobbled streets and saw old houses and had a yummy lunch at a bistrot. We stayed in an ancient Mill house on a big property and we got to play table tennis and soccer and tennis. We had a delicious dinner cooked by a French chef. The next two days we stayed in an ancient village called Flavigny sur Ozerain where the film chocolat was made. Ruby and I (Curtis) made films with our cameras and we visited the old Abbey where they make special lollies out of anniseed and other natural ingredients. Made the same way the monks have made them for centuries. The house we stayed in was built in 1600's and was even burnt during the revolution! It had a creepy cellar that we played games in and we pretended to be vampires!.


  1. What a wonderful set of images. 2B will view and enjoy these tomorrow at school. Cobbled streets, French chefs, Monet and vampires! It all sounds very exotic. We hope all goes well with your travels - from Mr Bedson and 2B.

  2. Thanks Mr Bedson check out all the posts so far and there is more to come xxRuby