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Sunday, 9 September 2012

Plane trip and 2 days in Paris

In the plane we played games and watched movies, ate yummy food. We had to stop in Vietnam Hochimin and Hannoi and then to Paris.
When we arrived in Paris it was early in the morning so we spent the day exploring The Jardin du Luxembourg, we sailed old fashioned boats on a lake in the garden (park) and saw very old buildings and statues.
On the second day we went to Jardin du Plantes a huge big park made up of gardens and museums. We went to the Menagerie (small zoo) and to the  musee of naturel histoire (museum of natural history) in a building from the 1800's. We saw dinsosaur bones and preserved animals and went into the childrens museum with hands on displays for us kids all about science and the environment. We had so much fun!

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  1. Hi Ruby, Love the pictures!France looks like a fun place to be! Hope you are having a really adventurous and exciting time in France and eating yummy snails and frogs legs!
    Love Phoebe xoxo