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Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Life in a French Village

By Curtis Tough 3F

We've been in France now for about eight weeks.
I live in Saint Antonin Noble Val, while we renovate our new house we are renting an apartment in the Village. Our house is 400 years old and needs a lot of work!

At the top of our street is a Presse where we can get treats some times.
The village is small but not too small, it's on a big river and you kayak on the river or go fishing.
The streets are cobble stones and school is hard as I am still learning French- but I know all my numbers up to a million in numbers and letters.

By Ruby Tough 5O
The village is really nice now as the weather is warming up, but when we first arrived it was 2 degrees at 8am! Everyone is nice at school and class and my teacher is really nice too.
There are four english speaking people in my class- their names are; Tess, Jasmine, Tenzen and Finley. They help me if I need translating in class and everyone wants to be my friend and talk to me

So far I have been canoeing on the river, had some sleep overs, gone to the movies, go to some really nice restaurants in our village, visit other nearby villages with Castles, stone streets and yummy food.

Our house that we are renovating is going well, the roof is done, my bedroom floor and Curtis's bedroom floor has been replaced, kitchen is almost finished and the large bedroom and the loungeroom are almost finished being plastered and we hope to move into it in a few weeks.

How is everyone over there Australia? We heard the weather isn't very good!
Here are some photos of our life so far xx Curtis and Ruby Tough.

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