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Monday, 16 September 2013

More hightlights

On our way out of the Midi Pyrenees we visited a very famous town called St Emilion.
Saint Emilion was a monk who founded the town which also became a famous wine region and still is today. We went inside a mono lithic church. This means one rock- so it was dug out of the mountain and not actually built. We had to go underground to see it and it was really amazing and very old. Then we drove to our next place to stay called Larresingle. Another very famous town with a fortified city (castle) and or house was right across the road from the castle. Really amazing!
We went to a place called camp siege which we had to dress up in mediaeval clothes and learned about weaponry from the the time and we go to have a turn of bow and arrow, catapults, and other things too. It was really fun. We visited some ancient Abbaye's and cathedrals, churches and bought some yummy food at local markets. It has been quite hot so we could swim in the pool at the house we stayed in too.

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