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Monday, 10 November 2014

Our Time in the SouthWest of France

We have seen some amazing things in the South West. On Saturday we were on the oldest bridge in France in a city called Albi. It dates to 5th century BC! We have seen villages and markets and eaten yummy food. We have seen beautiful scenery and autumn leaves. We have caught up with friends and made some new ones it has been so much fun. Tomorrow we head to Provence, but here are some pictures of the last few days.

Sunday, 2 November 2014

First four days Saint Antonin Noble Val

Our flight was very good and we were sooo tired but we have been enjoying beautiful warm sunny weather here in Saint Antonin Noble Val in South West France.
We have seen the ancient hill top village of Cordes Sur Ciel and went to an amazing chocolate and sugar museum. Our house is in Saint Antonin and we can walk everywhere. It is on a river and so pretty and old. Today (Sunday) was market day and we walked in the sun and bought amazing produce and watched street performers. We ate yummy food and enjoyed the wonderful old cobbled streets.